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Lord Ganesha, depicted in this Sandstone sculpture is hence also know as Gauri Nandana. A throwback to the classical era, the profession of the lamp bearer was treated with respect and symbolized the luxurious lifestyles of the citizens of that era. This statue is designed to spread tranquility and positivity across the house and is best placed in the main living room. Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism was revered for his teachings on serenity, inner peace and enlightenment.

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Known for his wit, compassion, cheerfulness, and naughtiness, he has many legends and tales circling the story of his life. It is an iconic event in mythology when the Lord started playing his flute on the banks of a river. When the gopis of Vrindavan heard the melodious tunes, they could not help but move in the direction of Lord Krishna. It was a spellbinding effect which resulted in an evening full of dancing, singing, and pure bliss. In all its grandeur, this beautiful sandstone sculpture can be custom made as per your individual requirements.

It is also filled with stories of beautiful princesses, skilled courtesans and royal companions who entertained the royal ladies and provided them with companionship and camaraderie. This handcrafted sculpture depicts a royal companion, a lady in waiting to the queen. This statue symbolizes the inherent beauty and grace of the Indian woman while perfectly highlighting her sensuality and playful nature. Saraswathi is revered all over the world as the Hindu Goddess of Wisdom, learning and knowledge. Revered as the ‘Mother of the Vedas’, Vedic scholars the world over begin and end sessions with an invocation to her. The adroit craftsmanship on this beautiful sculpture captures the peace and inner glow of the goddess in a state of pure enlightenment and also conveys her serenity through her relaxed posture.

This creation reflects the pomp and gandeur of an era in antiquity, through an art form which has endured through the perseverence of the master artisans. As the patron saint of intellect and arts, he was responsible for writing the great Indian epic, the Mahabharata. As the remover of obstacles, he is the hero of many stories where he has stood for the powerless and helped those without help.

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This intricately carved sandstone sculpture depicts a beautiful maiden of royal upbringing, relaxing in her garden. The expert craftsmanship highlights her regal birth through ornate depictions of her clothing and jewels while her graceful posture is immortalized through the expertise and skills of the master craftsman. Traditional artisans have often sought inspiration from their surroundings and created beautiful masterpieces bringing alive the daily routine and romanticizing the everyday tasks of the woman of the house. This intricately carved sandstone sculpture depicts a woman walking towards the village fountain to fill her pail of water.

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However, Shiva is also known to have a softer side; known as Tapasi, he takes on a benevolent form and is known to grant magnificent boons to his most devout worshippers. This intricately carved Sandstone sculpture brings alive the benevolent householder incarnation of Shiva. Depicted as relaxing with his family on Mount Kailash, this magnificent sculpture features Shiva, his wife Parvati, his two children, Ganesha and Karthikeya and his royal mount as they enjoy an afternoon of bliss and serenity.

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As a result, this form of Ganesha is a Satchitananda or pure consciousness that is indescribable. Placing such an idol in your home, office or prominent living space brings harmony and bliss to the space. This beautiful sandstone statue is designed to spread tranquility and calm across the house and is a perfect addition to your outdoor area or your living room. Lord Ganesha is said to have a very affectionate bonding with his mother Devi Parvati. It is she who brought him to life and the instance is when she went bathing and wanted an attendant to guard the doors. When Lord Shiva, angered by the little boy stopping him from entering, cut off his head; it is maa Parvati who insisted on bringing him back to life.

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The adroit craftsmanship also captures the twinkle in her eye and the subtle downward glance conveys a subtle coyness, which adds to her beauty. This intricately carved sandstone sculpture depicts a beautiful princess feeding birds in her royal garden. The skilled craftsmanship not only conveys her opulent lifestyle through her regal clothes and bearing, but also depicts her compassion and grace through her soft and gentle facial expressions. In ancient times, the kings were the biggest and most generous patrons of art and culture. Their patronage allowed traditional artists and craftsmen to flourish and the grateful artisans immortalized their courts in the form of beautiful and exquisite works of art.

Trigya: The Omnipresent Lord

The durable statue makes a lovely addition to an outer courtyard or the living room of your house. Created by master craftsman Rabi Sahoo, this exquisite Sandstone Sculpture brings alive the magnificence and opulence of a bygone era. The adroitly carved figure of a royal maiden carrying the lamps is skillfully handcrafted in a sensual pose, highlighting the beauty of the woman and her opulent attire and jewelry. This sandstone sculpture depicts the sensual grace and inherent attractiveness of the Mohini Avataar, personifying the seduction and allure of this divine enchantress in all her beauty. The finely crafted clothes and ornaments highlight her sensual nature, while her enticingly sculpted curves stay true to the legendary depictions of her attractiveness. The sculpture is durable and makes a perfect addition to your courtyard decor, as you welcome people into your home.

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With the help of deep penance and giving up worldly pleasures, he was enlightened with the wisdom of the world which he later preached to his disciples. It is formed by placing both hands on the lap with the right one on top of the left and palms facing upwards. Thumbs of both hands are joined together forming a triangle that represents the three jewels of Buddhism, namely Lord Buddha, Sangha, and Dharma. Carved out of sandstone, this intricately carved sculpture depicts the Buddha in a state of repose. The intricate carving and attention to detail is evident in the perfect facial expressions highlighting the serenity and peace arising from the state of Nirvana.


Taking a significant place in the Panchajanya Puja, the worship of Ganesha is said to deliver wealth, prosperity, joy and education. It is considered auspicious to pray to Ganesha to break down obstacles in our lives, and thousands of devotees trek to His temples to perform rituals to invoke his blessings. This exquisite, handmade sculpture depicts Ganesha with his trunk turned right, symbolizing instant boons or Siddhis, thus earning Ganesha the epithet of Siddhivinayaka. Created out of chalkstone, this masterpiece is a testament to a rare form of art which is kept alive by dedicated artisans in the face of adversity. A unique addition to your home, this beautiful work of art makes a perfect addition to your living room or den.


Shiva, the lord of destruction is also known to take on the avatar of Nataraja, the Lord of the Dance. In this form, he is the source of all movement within the universe and also signifies the end of an aeon through his dance of death and destruction.


The master craftsman expertly captures the depth of emotion on the queen’s face as she writes an eloquent letter to her beloved, expressing her love for him and her prayers for his safety. The sculpture immortalizes both her regal bearing and her human emotions in this fleeting moment. The epics are full of stories of powerful heroes and their strong relationship with their mothers who acted both as their moral compass as well as their support system in times of trouble and crisis. This intricately carved sandstone sculpture expertly depicts the strong relationship between a mother and her children.

  • As a result, this form of Ganesha is a Satchitananda or pure consciousness that is indescribable.
  • The softness of the face, and the hint of a gentle smile tell the story of a mixture of feelings, a range of emotions and a tale waiting to be told.
  • This intricately carved sandstone sculpture depicts a beautiful princess feeding birds in her royal garden.
  • The wild, flowing locks and the frenetic activity depicted within this intricate work of art showcase the culmination of cosmic energy brought about by the ‘Taandav’ or the divine dance.

The master craftsman’s chisel perfectly captures Shiva’s peaceful countenance and highlights his features as he enjoys his peace and quiet. It evokes happiness and sadness in equal measure, a bittersweet combination that forms the mainstay of our human existence. This intricately carved sandstone sculpture tells the story of an expectant mother, writing to her beloved husband who is away from home.

The legendary beauties of Indian mythology have always been depicted as having luxuriant, long tresses. The royal beauticians took exceptional care to maintain and highlight the tresses, while their upkeep was considered a tremendously important part of the woman’s daily care regime. Scriptures interpret the five faces of the lord as representing the flesh , the breath , the mind, upper consciousness and cosmic bliss respectively.

His adoration has reached epic status in India and his portrayal has found many dimensions. In this wood sculpture, he can be seen in a solemn posture which gets its element of awe with the intricate carving that quite clearly depicts the glory surrounding him. The aura is serenely divine and it unconsciously gives a feel of harmonious existence and wisdom. Lord Buddha’s mudras have for ages now been a topic of interest amongst artisans and sculptors. As is depicted in this sandstone sculpture, Lord Buddha is performing the Abhaya Mudra. It can be inferred that each mudra has a certain effect on our senses and mudras simply represent our inner turmoil, feelings, state of mind and the flow of energies through our bodies.

The sculpture is durable and makes a perfect addition to your courtyard decor, showcasing your own rich and regal lifestyle. Narayana, also known as Vishnu or Hari is considered the supreme god, according to the holy books of Hinduism. He is known as the savior and the preserver, the giver of salvation and the protector of the faithful. This sandstone sculpture depicts the supreme lord in a state of relaxation, seated on a lotus flower.

This adroitly growing your money in bank savings accounts sandstone bust of Buddha perfectly captures the air of serenity on his face. The delicate craftsmanship around the lips highlights the hint of a peaceful smile, while the attention to minute details around the eyes captures the inner peace of the Buddha. The elephant-headed son of Shiva, Ganesha is known for his wit, his compassion and his intellect.

This intricately carved sandstone sculpture represents the woman as she embarks on the cycle of adorning herself on her wedding day. The expert craftsmanship highlights her beauty while the delicate handiwork around the face captures her beauty and her joy as she readies herself to look beautiful for her husband. The sculpture perfectly captures her grace, her poise and her inherent sensuality as she begins her journey to embark on her new life. In ancient India, the king’s court was the hotbed of politics, administration and also art and culture. As such, the king hosted the most important people both from his kingdom as well as honoured guests from outside. It was imperative that he had a contingent of highly trained and exceptionally skilled courtesans to welcome and take care of his visitors and his guests.

The skill of turning a block of sandstone into a majestic masterpiece is an art known to a select few traditional artisans. In true Odisha tradition, this intricately carved sandstone sculpture depicts a breathtakingly beautiful princess as she prepares to go to bed. The adroit craftsmanship showcases the princess’ beauty and grace, even as she prepares to go to bed after a long day. Her relaxed posture is carved in an expert manner, showcasing her regal upbringing as well as her sensual curves and her inherent poise. The luxury and grandeur of India’s regal past has served as inspiration for many artists and craftsmen through the ages. Through their expert skills and exquisite craftsmanship, they immortalized the rich and opulent lifestyle for all eternity.

  • This intricately carved sandstone sculpture is made all the more beautiful by choosing to depict the conversation between two children.
  • The aura is serenely divine and it unconsciously gives a feel of harmonious existence and wisdom.
  • Carved with great care, this sculpture is a testimony to the skills of local Indian artisans.
  • This beautifully carved sandstone sculpture depicts Krishna as a child, in the beloved cowherd form.

The remover of obstacles, Ganesha has been immortalized in various forms of art by skilled craftsmen over the years. Traditional craftsmen have taken special inspiration from this powerful emotion to create beautiful, evocative pieces of work. Clad in a white saree, gently seated on a lotus holding a veena and vedic verses in her hand is the supreme Goddess of Knowlege- Devi Saraswati. She is the embodiment of peace, purity, wisdom, and tranquility and is worshipped for these attributes. Extreme detailing done on it gives it a sense of realism, adding to the grandeur of the idol. A pooja room would be ideal to place this sculpture in for it has an aura of spirituality.

The intricately carved sculpture tells a poignant tale of loss, longing and the eagerness with which the lover looks forward to a reunion with her beloved. The delicate carving brings alive her facial expressions, a mixture of joy and sadness as she pens an eloquent work of prose to express her love to one who has been away from her for sometime. History is filled with stories of brave and valiant kings who went to war to expand or defend their territories. The untold story is the anguish and separation felt by their queens, torn between love and duty as they eagerly waited to hear news of the safety of their beloved.

The book represents the vedas while the pot is symbolic of the pure and eternal flow of knowledge. Rosary beads suggest the power of meditation and spirituality while the veena is a representation of creative arts and music. Carved with great care, this sculpture is a testimony to the skills of local Indian artisans. Saraswathi is revered as the Hindu goddess of learning, knowledge, wisdom, arts and music. She symbolizes enlightenment and thought and has been the inspiration for many exquisite works of art throughout the ages.

In Indian mythology, Ganesha is the formless divinity – encapsulated in a magnificent form, for the benefit of the devotee. He is worshipped, or at least remembered, in the beginning of any auspicious performance for blessings and auspiciousness. He is probably the only god who enjoys a popularity that goes beyond boundaries, having emerged as a distinct deity.

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