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A woman has been remaining gobsmacked after a stranger handed down her an email on her earliest date. This girl posted an image in the note online and it has went viral, with 31, 000 people retweeting her story.

The new person who enacted her the note told her to “run” from her time frame due to “too many reddish flags”. He continued to explain that her dates’ taste in music was contentious – and in addition that your sweetheart backed questionable dating legend Kevin Samuels, who has been reproached of telling men for making disparaging reviews about women of all ages through his YouTube route.

In spite of these warning signs, Hadia told her supporters that the woman decided to go through the date. The woman wanted to controversy her time on concerns they disagreed on, including rapper Daran Baby — who came under fire in making homophobic remarks previously this month – and Samuels’ views on girls.

Her tweet motivated some users to respond by echoing her caution, while others questioned her wisdom, accusing her of misjudging the person simply because his ‘opinion didn’t align’ with her own. They asked if perhaps she had been influenced by the man’s persona or in cases where she was genuinely concerned about his tastes.

Hadia shared some follow-up twitter posts, sharing a much more detailed bank account of her date’s warning. She explained she was genuinely concerned about the man’s stance upon Da Baby, and that this lady realised having been also a supporter of debatable internet dating guru Kevin Samuels. The girl said your sweetheart was ‘immediately taken aback’ by simply her date’s views, adding that the girl wanted to prevent falling sufferer to her date’s ‘toxic personality’.

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